What Happens on the Road Stays on the Road UNTIL NOW!

CKCO-TV, 864 King St. West in Kitchener, Ontario went on the air on March 1, April 1954. Over the next 60+ years CKCO-TV personnel filmed in more than 50 countries around the world. From Aruba to Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Austria to Thailand. Producers, directors, reporters, presenters, and photographers travelled to some of the most exotic and sometimes dangerous countries in the world to bring back stories of interest to local viewers.

Producer/Editor Paul Francescutti spent hours taping/editing the stories that were not for broadcast.
Stories to be told over a cold beer, cup of coffee or around the firepit.

Climb aboard Flight CKCO-TV Channel 13 – and hear What Happened on the Road.

Episode 1 – Fran Pappert-Shannon & Cathy Menard from CTV’s Romper Room & Friends

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Coming Soon

Danny Bailey – (Burma, Greece, Holland, Thailand)

Paul Brent – (Japan, USA)

Kevin Doerr – (Haití, Ghana, Honduras)

Chris Matlock – (Burundi, Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Peter McCallum – (the Caribbean, Hong Kong, China)

Larry McIntyre – (Greece)

Gary McLaren – (Austria, NWT, and the Yukon)

Daiene Vernile – (Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Honduras, Sri Lanka)

Bill Trbovich – (British Isles, Germany, France) …

…all recount stories that happened on the road and were supposed to stay on the road… UNTIL NOW.