What Happens on the Road Stays on the Road UNTIL NOW!

Episode 3 – Daiene Vernile (Canada, Las Vegas, Ghana, Kenya, Honduras, Sri Lanka)

Left: Daiene making tortillas in Danli, Honduras (2004).
Right: Daiene and Kevin Doerr filming a stand-up in front of a Ghanaian ‘Trust Bank’ in Tamale, Ghana. (2004)

For over three decades, CKCO anchor/producer Daiene Vernile reported on “Provincewide” issues — but, also travelled to far off, exotic locales on special assignments.  Come along for the ride as she shares personal behind-the-scenes stories of life on the road with a TV crew.

Producers Paul Francescutti and Daiene Vernile dip their toes into the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Coast in Ghana during filming of “The Trust Bank: Banker to the Poor.”


Kenya Build It!?
…a Foundation of Friendship


Banker to the Poor