What Happens on the Road Stays on the Road UNTIL NOW!

Episode 2 – Danny Bailey (Burma, Greece, Holland, Thailand)

During Danny Bailey’s 10-year career at CKCO-TV one of the highlights was working on Camp Cariboo, the award winning children’s show. He developed a technique that was called “the Keener Cam” where he used manual-zoom and quick pans and tilts to emphasize the antics of the “Keeners” Tom Knowlton and Mark Baldwin.

Danny did hand-held camera on many shows for CKCO-TV and a documentary that took him to Southeast Asia.

In this episode of What Happens on the Road… Danny tells of his trip to Burma (now Myanmar) with stops in Amsterdam, Athens, Dubai, Bangkok, and Rangoon.


To view the documentary “Worlds Apart” that Danny talks about watch it here.

Danny Bailey and Producer Paul Francescutti while recording in the Heffner Studios at the Kitchener Public Library.