This website was created to not only remember the productions done at CKCO-TV but also to remember the men and women who have worked together at 864 King Street West, Kitchener and at it’s bureaus. Those people and their work is the legacy that is CKCO-TV…..Channel 13.

Before passing away in 2012, Paul Cassel the originator of this website, reached out to me in the hope that it could be kept up and active long after his death. At the time I had been working at the station for 32 years and would for another 5 years before retiring in 2017. Now, with the help of Larry McIntyre, Gary McLaren, Paul Francescutti, rych mills and so many others I’ve been able to add to what Paul started and I hope to continue for years to come – Bob Tiffin



  1. Bob Hodgins  April 16, 2016

    Some of the best years of my life spent at CKCO 1959 to 1965.

  2. Robert Faulhafer  August 18, 2014

    You have a photo of a Song Spinner Trio on the website. The Joe Carlo “Song Spinners” actually was much more than a trio. It was a chorus of ladies who sometimes had male singers to accompany them. My wife, Marlene Faulhafer, was a member and soloist with the group in 1954-55 but left the group in early 1956 as she getting ready for her wedding. The SS’s did some off camera engagments, too! They sometimes practiced in the Kitchener Audiorium organ loft where Joe was the organist when the room was available. On one occasion, he had Marlene sing a solo between periods of a Junior B hockey game! A bit unusual but well received by the crowd. Joe was a talented musician and chorus leader and a nice guy! As I recall, Joe had some involvment with “Tiny Talent Time”, too. It sure brings back memories! I have some photo’s of the Song Spinners, and a few I took on the set during a performance. If you are interested I can emaill some to you. Blessings, Bob Faulhafer


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