Worlds Apart (1986)

Worlds Apart


Executive Producer – Taras Pavlyshyn

Co-Executive Producer – Don Willcox

Co-Producer – Peter Kent



Principle Videography – Brian Dunseith

Audio – Eric Posner

Second Unit Director – Michael McNamara

Post-Production Supervisor – Ihor Petelycky

Art Director – Reuben Freed

Production Secretary – Beverley Milligan

Assistant Editor – Alan Collins

Technical Director – Kevin Donoghue



Location Director – Taras Pavlyshyn

Principle Videography – Dan Bailey

Crew – Myint Thein Pe – Myo Nyunt – Khin Soe – Htay Myint


Electronic Graphics – Brian Howald – John Ford – Brad Dieno – Nina Beveridge – Dan Krech

Audio Engineers – Rick Starks (Manta Sound Company) – Howard Parrott (McClear Place Studios) – Joe Primeau (Phase One Studios)

“Worlds Apart” Theme Song – Michael Maxwell & Heikki Kuld

Vocals – Sheree Jeacocke

Emulator – Claude DesJardins

“The Love Of A Child” – Music and Vocals – Dan Hill

Piano – John Sheard


Special Acknowledgements
The Hospital For Sick Children Foundation
Hugh McMillan Medical Centre
Rangoon Children’s Hospital
Burma Motion Picture Corporation


The Hospital For Sick Children
J. Douglas Snedden
Claus A. Wirsig
Dr. A. W. Conn
Dr. Robert Filler
Dr. Geoffrey Barker
Claudia Anderson
Alex Wright
Dr. James S. Simpson
Betty Cormier
Cindy Guernsey
Allison Miller
Susan E. Wachsmuth
Joan Cameron
Ellie Wannamaker
Lou Scaglione


Don Willcox
Peter Kent
Brian Dunseith
Dan Bailey
Wolf Kagel
Brian Howald
Martin Murphy
Pat Fitzgerald
John Matlock
Joe Ulmer
Anne King


Chrysler Canada Ltd.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Manta Sound Company
Mobile Image Canada Ltd.
Omnibus Computer Graphics Inc.
Phase One Studio
Sony of Canada Ltd.
Sutton Place Hotel
Visuals/Fred Bird Associates
Waterloo Inn


SCI Productions would like to thank
J. Boyd McAulay
Michael G. Woods
Steven S. Levitan
Dulcie Nang Yin
Michael Scaglione


This has been as

The Hospital For Sick Children
555 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1X8