Wet And Wild (1989)

Wet And Wild (Pilot)

Airdate – September 8, 1989

Produced by Jim Troyak – Peter Kent
Written and Edited by Jim Troyak

Hosts – Jim Troyak – Sandy Horne

Executive Producer – Alan Brooks
Photographers – Dan Bailey – Chris Matlock
Location Audio – Mike Lockston
Unit Manager – Sandy Horne
Promotion – Don Pankiw – Sandy Clarke
Accounting – Faye Bechtel – Mike Walloschek – Winnie Webb
Production Secretary – Janet Taylor
Titles and Graphics – Howard Fraracci
Digital Video Effects – Bill Anderson

Studio Crew:
Director – Paul Francescutti
Audio – Dave MacNeil
VTR – Bob Coleman

Nabet Local 712

Special Thanks To:
Pat Fitzgerald – Production Supervisor
Bill Taylor and Lane Tobiassen
Gorge Video Production for exerpt from “Hard Winds A Blowin'” c 1987
Anthem Records for Sandy Horne’s appearance
George Petrie – Float and Flag Dive Shop in Burlington for underwater camera
Liz Powers – Canada’s Wonderland
Vic Bond – Executive Advertising and Promotions Agent “00 – Jetski”
Joe Kowalski – Wilderness Tours
Leslie Hutchison – Pioneer Sportsworld
Steve Jarrett – Windsport Magazine
Dick Pratt – FMH Boardsailing
Brian Howald – Dan Krech Productions
John Matlock – Mr. Video
Mike Lockston – Surf Pup and Audio Guy
Jeff Assad – Boat Driving Guy
Dr. Assad – The Cottage Owner
Dan Bailey – Rad Man
Bruno Hoffman – Quality Control

This has been a High Impact Production in Co-Operation with
Cap Communications Ltd.

All Right Reserved
c 1989