Nick’s Place (1975)

Nick’s Place

Pilot – Recorded May 7, 1975

Starring Nick Nichols and Allan Stewart-Coates
With Stephanie Taylor and Cal Dodd

And the Jo Penny Dancers

Special Guest Patricia Dahlquist and Vic Franklyn

Executive Producer-Director – John Sone

Director – Graham Orwin

Producer – David Murnaghan

Music Director – Rudy Toth

Production Assistant – Heather Brule’

Floor Director – Fred Augerman

Technical Director – Eric Sutherland

Technical Supervisor – Bill Strain

Art Director – Don Bowen

Set Design – Wolf Kagel

Set Construction – Larry Ernewein

Lighting – Jack Alexander

Switcher – George Copeland

Audio – Jim Wright

Cameramen – Ron Beatty – Wayne McDonald – Paul Nyhout

Hair Styles bu Jim Moray – Kitchener

Period Antiques Courtesy The Treasure Chest and Sir Johns – Cambridge