Music Circle

Music Circle was a Lionel Shenken produced music show done through the facilities of CKCO-TV in the early 1980’s. Lionel’s daughter, Beverley Shenken hosted the show that was shot in the station’s studio as well as on location.

In the video on this page the last performing artist is a singer named Earle Heedram who was better known as “The Mighty Pope“. I think that the twin girls who are in the video just before him are Karen and Kim McCaul.

The pictures below are courtesy John and Anne Arajs. John was the primary cameraman on the remote shoot and can be seen in many of the pictures. Frank Parsons, an engineer at CKCO-TV, also worked this shoot and can be seen helping John in a few of the pictures. The shoot took place during the third week of September of 1981 on the Columbian island of San Andrés.