1991 Rec. Club Summer Party

Summer Rec. Club party at the B.F. Goodrich Foreman’s Club, St. Agatha.
Music supplied by Power Of Shuh – Dave Pohl, Lisa Laflamme, Jeff Hutcheson, Danny Bailey, Paul Francescutti, Peter McCallum

Danny Bailey

Power Of Shuh

Cameron Crassweller (left), Regina Ertel (center), Ray Irwin (right)

Erwin Nikel – Steve Ingle

John Yost pitching shoes

Don Egley (with lawn dart) and Andrew Coghill

Kellie Hubacheck Deming, Leanne Polaz and Cathy Ladouceur

Cathy Ladouceur – Ann Gebhart

Mary Jane and Paul Francescutti (left), sitting Howard Fraracci, Alex Spiridonov, Pam Sahli; Ann King (standing), Erwin Nikel

Mary Jane Francescutti – Ute Neugebauer

Henning Grumme