Victorian Christmas (1979)

Victorian Christmas

Recorded December 22, 1979 – Playback December 25, 1979
With Betty Thompson and guests Lloyd Robertson, Esma Rouse, Ken and Andrew Copeman, Jane Humphries, Joel Oliver, Alexandra K. Mustakis

Produced by Betty Thompson
Music Director – Pat Ludwig
Production Assistant – Wendy Brenner
Make-Up by “Mavis”
Betty’s Hair Styles by “House Of Elegance”

Camera – John Arajs
Audio – Jim Wright
Video Tape Editing – Paul Francescutti
Joe Ulmer
Alex Spiridonov
Calvin Shaver

Set Decorator – Ric Waurechen

Special Research – Joel Oliver
Alexandra K. Mustakis

Taped on location at Woodside National Park, Kitchener

“Victoria Christmas” brought to you by Hi-Way Market in co-operation with Parks Canada

A CKCO-TV Special Presentation