The Walters Family


The Walters Family
Live At The Stampede Corral

Episodes WF8402 and WF8402
Recorded March 24, 1984

Walters Family Band
Shirley Walters
Kim Walters
Brad Walters
Darren Walters
Garry Walters
Barry Kirk
Evan Ehgoetz

Special Guests
Roni Sommers
Ontario Rhythm Cloggers
Danny Thompson

Pre-recorded Music by Shotgun Music Corp. Recording Studio and Production House – Brantford, Ontario

Ontario Rhythm Cloggers trained by Dorothy and Jack McCulloch

Production Manager – George Matheson
Script – Brad Walters

Special Thanks – Stampede Corral, Kitchener

Director – Paul Francescutti

Production Assistant – Debbie Sue Bohnert
Script Coordinator – Pamela Sahli
Lighting – Jack Alexander
Sets – Brian Howald – Warren Letson
Videotape – Henning Grumme
Camera – Ken Elliott – Ron Beatty – Jack Alexander – Bob Coleman
Audio – Randy Ricketts
Video – Martin Ferguson

Technical Director – Henning Grumme
Technical Supervisor – Frank Parsons

Production Coordinator – Frances Russell
Producer – Peter Kent

Nabet Local 712

A CKCO-TV Mobile Production
Kitchener, Ontario