Canada In View

Canada in View was a Canadian documentary series aired on several stations affiliated with the CTV Television Network from the late 1980s to early 1990s. The program was co-operatively produced by participating stations, each contributing long-form documentaries about local issues on a rotating basis. Although it apparently aired solely on CTV affiliates, it is not clear whether the program was ever officially part of CTV’s network schedule.

The series used a loophole in CRTC regulations of the era, which allowed each station involved in the production of such a series to count it as a “local” program for the purposes of fulfilling its conditions of licence, even if the program did not contain local content on a weekly basis. Since production responsibilities were rotated among all stations, participation in Canada in View could thus dramatically reduce a given station’s local production requirements.

The CRTC announced in 1989 it would close the loophole for information and sports programming, which included Canada in View, though it provided a temporary reprieve for existing productions, but only until the end of participating stations’ licence terms. In most cases this was August 1994, by which point the series had disappeared. Whether this decision directly led to the demise of the series is unclear; one columnist would later place the blame on Baton Broadcasting (at that time the largest CTV-affiliate ownership group) for pulling out of the series.

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In View (1978)
War Birds

Recorded August 29, 1979

Produced and Narrated by Bill Trbovich

Directed by Fred Augerman

Photography – John Jackson – David Lacey
Film Editor – David Lacey
Audio – Jim Wright
Telecine – Doug McLaughlin
Video Tapes – Calvin Shaver

A Production of CKCO Television News

Canada In View (1995)
Traditions In Wood

Host – Pamela Sahli

Producers – Dave MacNeil – Pamela Sahli

Photographer – Peter McCallum
Editors – Lance Kagel – Mike Radcliffe
Graphic Design – Anne King – Warren Letson – Howard Fraracci
Studio Camera – Tom Farwell

Coordinating Producer – Peter Kent
Executive Producer – Ron Johnson

Nabet – CEP Local 712

CKCO-TV Production

Canada In View (1993)
Traditions In Clay And Glass

Host Pamela Sahli

Producers – Jeff Solysiak – Pamela Sahli

Photographers – Brian Dunseith – Peter McCallum – Greg Sloane
Editors – Lance Kagel – Alex Spiridonov
Graphic Design – Warren Letson

Coordinating Producer – Peter Kent
Executive Producer – Alan Brooks

Nabet 712

A CKCO-TV Presentation