A College Reunion (1982)

A College Reunion

CKCO-TV and the Twin City Harmonizers welcome you to Kitchener’s Centre In The Square for a musical College Reunion. Featuring “The Bare Necessities”, “The Overall Sound”, from Chicago, Illinois, “Grandma’s Boys”, and the 60 voice chorus of the “Twin City Harmonizers”

Opening announcer – Paul Brent

Producer – Peter Kent
Director – Calvin Shaver
Technical Supervisor – Pat Fitzgerald
Technical Engineer – Frank Parsons

Audio – Randy Ricketts
Camera – Ken Elliott – John Matlock – Dan Sloane – Alex Spiridonov
Mobile VTR – Rick Howe
VTR Editor – Joe Ulmer
Video – Paul Nyhout

Sets and Graphics – Ric Waurechen

Executive Producer – Don Willcox

A CKCO-TV Mobile Production