A Christmas Holiday (1979)

A Christmas Holiday

With Walter Ostanek (spelled Ostenak on the opening credits) and his Band,
Bob Bratina, John Libera, Murray McFadgen, Terry and Amanda, The Cellar Singers, Baby Mathew, Tuffy the Dog

Written and Produced – Peter Kent
Directed – Jim Marshall

Music Director – Walter Ostanek

Technical Director – Eric Sutherland
Art Director – Don Bowen
Production Assistant – Wendy Brenner
Technical Supervisor – Bill Strain

Cameramen – Alex Spiridonov and Brian Dunseith
VTR Editing – Calvin Shaver
Lighting – Mike Ellis
Audio – Jim Wright
Special Production Unit Camerman – John Arajs
Technical Assistance – Bill Hammond

Production Supervisor – George Moskal
Executive Producer – Don Willcox

Special thanks to
O.W. Sports
Little Tinkers Shop
John Deere Snowmobiles

Pre-recording at Earthland Recording Studio Niagara Falls, Ontario

Shot in and around the Deerhurst Inn & Country Club, Huntsville, Ontario

Produced through the remote facilities of CKCO-TV, Kitchener, Ontario 1979