Reunion 2023 – June 3, 2023

We hadn’t had a large reunion of CKCO-TV, CKKW-AM and CFCA-FM employees for a few years so between Paul Francescutti, rych mills and myself (Bob Tiffin) we thought it was about time. Spurred on by regular attendees at the monthly “Old Farts Lunch”, Paul started putting together an email list and commenced sending out invites. It was a very informal gathering at the Crowsfoot Smokehaus Restaurant in Conestogo, Ontario. rych organized the sign-in proceedures and I was able to get some pictures from the station to accent the event. I was also in charge of getting a picture of everyone in attendence. Of the more that 170 invitations we had 97 people attend….some with partners and some alone. Randy Ricketts along with his wife Deborah decided to do a little house cleaning and shared with us 2 CKCO-TV Jackets to be given away in a draw – David Imrie and Leo Jablonski were the lucky winners.

Here are pictures I took as well as those taken by Danny Bailey (DB), Tracy Willcox (TW), Leo Jablonski (LJ) & Jackie Barlow (JB).