50th Anniversary Party – 2004

CKCO-TV 50th Anniversary Party held at the Waterloo Motor Inn, Waterloo, Ontario


Diane Keller, Ute Neugenbauer, Joe Ulmer, Pam Sahli, Cathy Meim and Tom Keller

Joe Ulmer, Pat and Larry Ernewein, Mary and Earl Pierson

John Donahue, Norma and Harold Blake

Fred Merritt

Dennis Watson, Ron Molland, Leanne Houston Teixeira, Kevin Teixeira, and Marie Molland

Harold and Norma Blake, and Shirley Donahue

Tom Westropp, Joan Summerville and Pat Krieg

Harold and Norma Blake, Shirley Donahue, Fred and Joanne Merritt

Harold Blake, John and Shirley Donahue

Bernice Liddle, Bill McGregor and Jack Liddle

Robbie and George Moskal, and Joe Brenner

Robbie and George Moskal, and Joe Brenner

John Arajs and Bill McGregor

Paul Brent and Ron Johnston

Wendy and David Imrie, Bruce Johnston and Pat Carswell

Paul Turchan and Gary McLaren

Unknown 4, Brian Dunseith and Darren Stevenson

Dan Fisher and Lynda and Jason Lynch

Leslie and Jeff Hutcheson, Sue and Dave MacNeil

Beverley Watson, Leslie and Jeff Hutcheson

Leslie and Jeff Hutcheson, Sue and Dave MacNeil

Larry Rose and Dr. Michael Brennan

Beverley Watson and Henning Grumme

Lisa LaFlamme and Alex Spiridonov

Harold and Caroline Zister, Wolf Urschel and Ute Neugenbauer

Ingrid Schiller, Cam Unknown and Carla Francescutti

Lisa LaFlamme

Terra Crowley, Carla Fitzsimmons Pettitt, Leslie Gordon Christie and Nancy Richards

Ingrid Schiller

Jeanine Grespan, Daiene Vernile and Brynn Tschirhart

Jeanine Grespan, Daiene Vernile, Mike Lorentz and Brynn Tschirhart

Paul Brent, John Matlock and Mike Lorentz

Dan Fisher and Unknown 10

Unknown 11 and Mr. Peter Kent

Bob and Donna Tiffin

Jeff Hutcheson and Sheryl Plouffe Steinman

Daphne and Frank Parsons

Emanuel Zalevich, Jeff Pagett and Dan Lauckner

Wendy Imrie and Lois Molto

Larry Rose, Brent Hanson and David Imrie

Marie Molland, Linda Stante Fricker and Daphne Parsons

Lia Rosekat and Gary McLaren

Joe Ulmer, Jim Tracey and Alex Spiridonov

Wendy Hamilton and John Arajs

Henning Grumme and Don Willcox

Steve Hooper, Bob Coleman, Bruce Johnston and Donna Tiffin

Unknown 12

Anne Marie Mediwake and Darryl Konyenbelt

Kevin Doerr and Jim Haskins

Tom Knowlton, Lisa LaFlamme and Ron Johnston

Lois Molto, Marvin Stroh, Jack Alexander and Earl Pierson

Earl Pierson, Phil Molto, Paul Nyhout, Marvin Stroh, Henning Grumme and Randy Ricketts

Glen and Veronica Toner, and Beth and Bill Miner

Chris Arajs, Becky Quirt, Joel Jantzi and Unknown 15

Jim Troyak and Unknown 16

Terra Crowley, Dave and Carla Pettitt

Lisa Schneider, Kevin Doerr, Jim Troyak and Unknown 16

Harold Zister, Mary Ann and Reg Sellner, and Caroline Zister

Paul Francescutti, Randy Steinman and Cameron Crassweller

Darryl Konyenbelt and Anne Marie Mediwake, Dave and Catherine MacDonald

Mike Heenan, Shirley and Gary McLaren, and Julie-Marie Innes

Jack and Fay Alexander

Lisa Bragg and Linda Kearns Radcliffe

Tracy Willcox Jasmins, Linda Kearns Radcliffe, Ingrid Schiller, Sean Jasmins and Wolf Urschel

George Moskal and Unknown 17

Jennifer Cipriano Pagett, Ric Bon, Leanne Houston Teixeira and Paul Nyhout

Brynn Tschirhart, Daiene Vernile and Paul Brent

Daiene Vernile and Paul Brent

Don and Anne Willcox, Tom Westropp and Pat Krieg, Reg and Mary Ann Sellner

Shirley Donahue, Bruce and Karen Johnston, Jack and Bernice Liddle, John Donahue, Betty and Steve Hooper

Jason Lynch, Bruce Fricker, Lynda Lynch, Linda Stante Fricker, Terra Crowley and Nicole Lampa

Bob and Lee Coleman, Jamie and Linda Niven, Calvin and Barb Shaver

Dennis Watson and Elaine Ali

Nancy Richards, Lisa LaFlamme and Jeff Soltysiak

Sue and Art Baumunk

Ric Bon, Diana and Emanuel Zalevich, Dan Lauckner and Unknown 18

Jamie Lefkovics and Alan Fraser, Stephanie Watson and Mike Solomon, Barry Schwartzentruber and Mike Lockston

Dave and Pat Carswell

Janine Grespan and Katherine Heubner

Dennis Watson

John and Joyce Pollock, Ian and Janet Taylor

Dennis Watson

Janet Taylor, Dennis Watson and John Pollock

Janet Taylor, Dennis Watson and John Pollock

John Pollock

Mike Lorentz and Don Willcox

Don Willcox

Jeff Hutcheson, Don Willcox and Bill McGregor

Dennis Watson, Jeff Hutcheson, Bill McGregor and Don Willcox

Beverley Watson and John Pollock

Janet Taylor and John Pollock

Lead Singer Mike Shotton

Lead Singer Mike Shotton

Gina Lorentz and Phil Molto

Phil Molto and Gina Lorentz