2019 Christmas Lunch – December 10, 2019


Paul Francescutti directing all of us

Gathering for our Christmas Lunch at The Concordia Club

Waiting For Lunch

John and Shirley Donahue

Bruce Johnston

Elizabeth Gennings-Wake and Paul Wake

Rob and Bob Currie

John and Kasey Smith

Neil Aitcheson and Fred Merritt

Henning and Shirley Grumme

Wolf Urschel

Dave Carswell and Calvin Shaver

Vaughn Boegel and Ron Johnston

rych mills and Bob Lehman

Tom Boldt and Eric Posner

Chris McDowell and Martha George

Lisa Lackenbauer, Goldie Listar and Daiene Vernile

Dave MacDonald and Bill Inkol

Larry MacIntyre and Wolf Urschel

Jamie Niven, Bob Coleman and Mary Jane Francescutti

Sharon and Dave Crichton and David Imrie

Anne and Don Willcox

Jim Tracey and Paul Francescutti

Ute Neugebauer

Terry Kelly, Bob Tiffin, Matt Richards and John Grant

Matt Richards and Paul Francecutti

Goldie Listar, Daiene Vernile and Bruce Johnston

Henning Grumme and Terry Kelly

Chris McDowell and rych mills

Chatting and display

Jim Tracey’s Lunch – Schnitzel

Bob Tiffin’s Lunch – Chicken

John Matlock

Bob Tiffin and Jim Tracey

Karen Johnston, Harold Zister and Bruce Johnston

Don Willcox and Ron Johnston

Christmas Hugs with Paul Francescutti

Terry Kelly, Bob Currie and Rob Currie